Carryout Tips
Tipping your pizza delivery driver is a practice as old as pizza delivery itself.
But in the midst of a nationwide delivery driver shortage, Domino's needed to make a business pivot that would boost carryout orders (which require significantly less labor support than delivery), ultimately relieving pressure on shorthanded stores and current delivery drivers. So we looked to a group who already had the skillset to deliver for Domino’s, our very own carryout customers, and tipped them $3 for doing what they already do so well — deliver their own pizza to themselves.
A $3 Off Coupon
By simply re-positioning a $3 off coupon, we were able to connect with consumers in several engaging ways through national advertising campaigns, including: when you carry out you’re a delivery driver, you have special skills to be your own driver, and you’re a hero for leaving the couch to deliver to yourself.
The carryout tip needed to be used within a week, which effectively decreased the reorder rate time frame from roughly 30 days to within a window of just seven days, and was integrated within Domino’s multi-billion dollar ordering platforms.
The campaign struck a cultural chord and was covered across virtually every major and local media outlet, to the tune of 2.2 billion earned media impressions.
Carryout Pizza Company in the World
Earned Media Impressions