Emergency Pizza
Inflation, a recession on the horizon, political division, figuring out how to celebrate and be positive again in a Post-COVID world…Americans needed a pick-me-up.
And Domino’s believes pizza is the best, most universal pick-me-up there is. Especially free pizza. Through Domino’s Emergency Pizza program, anyone who ordered Domino’s received a free pizza to use for a future order when they needed it most.
Break Glass in Case of Pizza Emergency
Whether you burnt dinner,  the power went out, or you just stubbed your toe, a free pizza can fix just about anything. Emergency Pizza took the usual buy one, get one (later) deal, and elevated it to be something greater by emphasizing the possibilities of what a free pizza can do.
The national campaign was brought to life as part of a 360 campaign.
Case Study Video
Campaign Themed Pizza Box
To support the launch of the campaign, we also created an Emergency Pizza themed box. The box was meant to feel like an emergency kit, with humorous easter eggs scattered around the box to lighten the tone.
Emergency Pizza for Student Loans
Domino’s then extended the program to help soften the blow to the 44 million Americans with Student Loan payments resuming by giving out an additional $1MM worth of Emergency Pizzas. Anyone who was feeling the pain of having to pay off their student loans again was eligible to apply on the Domino’s Emergency Pizzas For Student Loans site and get their free pizza.
This hyper-targeted approach around a topic few brands were talking about produced record-high engagement, with more than 740,000 people visiting the campaign landing page in just 16 days.
The campaign was covered by virtually every major news source, including SNL.
Earned Media Impressions