Home in the Zone
Following the Sandwich Delivery Zones campaign, to further prove our commitment to delivering a Freaky Fresh sandwich, we bought someone a house just so we could deliver them a sandwich.
Literally. The “Home in the Zone” contest allowed one superfan who lived outside of Jimmy John’s Sandwich Delivery zones to apply to win up to $250,000 to purchase a house inside the zone. Yes, we’d rather buy someone a house than deliver them a not-fresh sandwich.
A Real House?
The campaign featured :30 and :15 national TV and digital spots, as well as additional short form content.
Fake House :30
Legal Copy :15
“We're so screwed that Jimmy John's free house giveaway sounds like a viable idea.”
- Eater
“Jimmy John's and superfan-turned-franchisee Drew Brees want to buy you a house - seriously.”
“Jimmy John's says it'll buy you a house if you don't live close enough for sandwich delivery.”
- Fox Business
We moved one lucky fan from Hawaii to a Sandwich Delivery Zone in Oklahoma. Yes, you read that right!
Winner Video
Same-Store Sales Growth (Jimmy John's is a Private Company, and so Are the Results)
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